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Using Position Control Technology to take an accurate weight measurement

Our scales benefit from the proprietary Position Control Technology that helps indicate to the user when their weight is not sufficiently balanced. The arrows are there to offer guidance to allow you to take the most accurate measurement.




Some important usage tips:

  • If you see arrows on your scale while you're weighing in, try to lean in the opposite direction of the arrows' location to stabilize your weight. 
    Example: If you see the arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, you should lean your weight in the top-right direction.
  • When there are no more arrows on the screen, the scale will be able to properly measure your weight. Your name should appear on the scale to log the measurement. 


User selection and recognition

To select the correct user when weighing in, follow these steps:

  1. When you step on the scale, the scale will show the user with the weight closest to yours and arrows in either direction.
  2. The arrows will allow you to choose another user if the initial user shown is not you.
  3. You can select the correct user by leaning your weight left or right until your name appears on the scale.
  4. When the correct user (your name) is displayed on the scale's screen, simply stand still until the progress bar fills up. 

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