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Does my device need to be plugged into a power socket?

Yes. Sleep / Sleep Analyzer has no battery and should be plugged into a power socket, using the provided adapter.


Can my device work if two people sleep in the same bed?

Sleep can only track the sleep of one person. If two persons wish to measure their sleep, they can install two devices, placed under each person, on each side of the bed.


What is the length of the power cable?

The power cable is 2 meters long (about 6.5 feet).


Does my device emit Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals while I sleep?

Data is transmitted via Wi-Fi but Sleep does not maintain a continuous Wi-Fi connection with your Data Hub. A Wi-Fi connection is used during the setup, and to transfer data as needed. Your device doesn't emit Wi-Fi signals while you sleep.


Safety-related questions

Should I use my device if I wear a pacemaker?

Yes, you can use Sleep if you wear a pacemaker or other internal medical device.


Should I use my device if I have a CPAP machine?

Yes, Sleep can be used with a CPAP machine. Please note that the CPAP machine should be placed next to the bed to ensure proper sleep and snoring tracking.


Should I use my device Analyzer while I am pregnant?

Yes, there are no known risks associated with pregnant women using Sleep.


Should I use my device if the device becomes warm?

Yes, it is normal for your device to become warm, particularly at night. This is in part the result of the device being in between the mattress and bed frame, making it difficult for heat to dissipate. Keep in mind, however, that the Sleep was designed to operate under these conditions.

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