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Which type of mattress can I use with my device?

Sleep can be used with all brands of mattresses. It is compatible with a wide variety of mattresses including spring, latex, foam, and memory foam. You can place the device directly under the mattress (between the mattress and the bed platform or box spring).

You can also place your device between your mattress and mattress topper or pad. If you feel the device when lying in your bed, you can place it between the mattress and the bed frame.
Note that Sleep has been tested with a mattress thickness of 4 to 15 inches (10 to 40 cm). However, the sensor has not been tested with and is not recommended for use with waterbeds and airbeds.

Is it possible to use my device with a bed that can be elevated, e.g. the Sleep Number Bed?

Yes it is. We have seen this type of configuration during a test in nursing homes. Besides, we are working on a new version that can be attached to the laths. Currently, there is a risk for the device to slip a bit in time.


Will my device work properly with a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) device under the bed?

We do not recommend a PEMF, such as the Earth Pulse, as the PEMF risks disturbing the sensor.


Does my device also work with a slatted frame? If so, what is the maximum width of the gaps?

Sleep can be used with a slatted frame. In this case, you may need to place a flat, sturdy object (like a cardboard, for example) between the frame and the sensor.
There are no constraints for the gaps as long as the slatted frame is one from the market. It is to improve the sensitivity of the device.


If I am using a special mattress with vibration functions, will my device work properly?

We do not recommend the use of special mattresses with vibration functions, as there is a risk that the sensor will not detect sleep in time.


Is my device compatible with the weighted blanket I am using?

Sleep will work properly with approximately up to 200kg on the bed. Using Sleep with a weighted blanket is possible as long as you meet the weight recommendation.

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