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Factory resetting your device allows you to delete all of the data stored on it.

Important note:

  • Factory resetting your Sleep will not remove any of the data that was synced previously.
  • All data that wasn't synced before resetting your Sleep will be lost permanently.
  • Factory resetting your Sleep may deactivate some features. Let your medical organization or physician know that you performed a factory reset if data is missing after the reset.

To reset your Sleep, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure to place the inner part of the Sleep out of its textile cover.
  2. Put the lower part of the device towards you.
    A notch with the word RESET below indicates the location of the reset button.
  3. Unplug, then plug Sleep using the provided adapter.
  4. Press and hold the RESET button for five seconds.
    Note: Be sure to insert the paperclip (or a similarly-shaped object) into the hole just above the word RESET as the other opening on the Sleep is for the sound sensor. Inserting an object into the sound sensor can damage it and prevent the breathing disturbance/apnea detection feature from working.

    The LED on the back of the device will flash red three times, then flash green continuously one time.

    A flashing blue LED indicates that the reset procedure has been done successfully.
  5. Put the inner part back into the textile cover.
    Make sure to flatten the sensor all over its surface in the textile cover.

Click here if you want to install your device again.

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