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Please read the information below carefully before using BPM Connect.


To install your BPM Connect, you will need a smartphone or a tablet with the provider's app downloaded in advance, as the device will sync via Bluetooth to your mobile.

Note: We call "provider", the health organization or program that got you your Withings device.

Important safety information

  • Consult your doctor during pregnancy, or if you suffer from arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis.
  • If you observe hypertensive values, please contact your physician.

Intended use

  • BPM Connect is a digital monitor intended for use in measuring blood pressure and heart rate.
  • The device is intended to be used in a human adult population with an arm circumference between 9 inches to 17 inches (22 cm to 42 cm).
  • BPM Connect is a medical device.
  • BPM Connect is intended to be used at home.
  • BPM Connect must be activated with the provider's app.

General safety and precautions

  • Do not forcibly bend the arm cuff.
  • Do not inflate the arm cuff when it is not wrapped around your arm.
  • Do not drop or apply strong shocks and vibrations to the blood pressure monitor.
  • Do not take measurements after bathing, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising, or eating.
  • Do not immerse the arm cuff in water.
  • Do not use with a pacemaker, defibrillator, or other electric implants.
  • Use this device for adults only.
  • Do not use this device for children or pets.
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