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This article will help you if you get any of the following error screens:


HW Fault 895

If you come across this error, please reach out to Customer Service by clicking the Contact us button at the bottom of the page to arrange for the exchange of your scale.


Synchronization issue


If you come across this screen, it means that your scale wasn't able to sync with the app. If that happens, make sure your scale is close enough to the Data Hub.
If you're not sure it is, try to move it closer to see if that fixes the issue.


Low battery warning


If you come across this screen, it means that you'll need to replace the batteries of your scale soon. 


Battery empty warning


If you come across this screen, it means that you should replace the batteries of your scale as soon as possible.


Error 401

This means Body Pro was not able to upload your previous measurements and is having issues connecting to a network. This is maybe due to a temporary regional network outage. Keep weighing in as usual (your measurements will be stored and transmitted when the network outage is resolved).
If “Error 401” continues to be displayed, try the following instructions:

  1. Try changing the location of your scale by moving it close to a window or on a higher floor if you live in a multi-level home. This might help to have a better connection so the scale can upload the measurements.
  2. Check the cellular coverage in the room where your scale is located. Your scale is not using the same network as your cell phone, however, you may check the signal strength on your cell phone to determine if there might be blackout areas inside your home.
  3. If the previous troubleshooting was not successful, please contact the member support of the program in which you are enrolled.


Error 402 / Error 403 / Error 404 / Error 407

If you receive any of the error messages listed above, please contact the member support of the program in which you are enrolled.

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