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Connect Data Hub

  1. Use the included power supply to turn on Data Hub.
  2. The LED signal will blink blue when looking for the network and should turn green to show network connection within 10 minutes.
  3. When the LED signal turns green, continue to set up the device.

Set up the Sleep Tracking Mat

  1. Place the device entirely under your mattress. You can also place it between the mattress and mattress topper/pad.
  2. Plug the device using the provided adapter. Make sure that your Data Hub is plugged less than 5 ft (4m) from your Sleep.
  3. The calibration of your device starts. This step can last up to 10 minutes during which a buzzing sound can be heard. We recommend that you do not sit on the bed during the process.
  4. Your device is now ready to use!
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