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Conditions for performing a quality control test

Items needed for the test

How to perform a quality control test


A quality control test should be performed:

  • To ensure that your iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter and iGlucose Blood Glucose Test Strip are working properly.
  • To confirm that you are following the correct testing procedures. 
  • To prepare for your initial blood glucose test.
  • To check the iGlucose Test Strip or when opening a new vial of test strips.
  • To check your iGlucose Meter after it has been dropped, damaged or exposed to liquids.
  • If you suspect that your test results are inaccurate, or if your test results are not consistent with the way you feel.
  • To practice glucose testing.

You will need the following items to perform the quality control test:

  • iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter
  • iGlucose Blood Glucose Test Strips 
  • Rightest® Control Solution GC550
    - Each time you open a new bottle of control solution, write the expiration date on the label. The Rightest® Control Solution GC550 is good for 3 months after opening the bottle, or until the expiration date printed on the label of the control solution, whichever comes first.
    - After use, wipe the top of the bottle cap with a clean wet tissue and then with a dry one to remove any residue of the control solution.
    - Close the bottle of control solution tightly immediately after using.
    - Keep control solution bottles out of reach of children.

Follow these steps to start the quality control test:

  1. Press the “ button on the device and the Settings menu will appear.
  2. Scroll to the “Control Solution” and press the “Home” button to select. The Control solution screen will appear with the message “Control solution only, do not test blood.
  3. Take one iGlucose Blood Glucose Test Strip from the vial and close the vial cap immediately.
  4. Hold the iGlucose Test Strip between your thumb and middle finger with the view window facing you (colored side of the sample port facing you).
  5. Insert the iGlucose Test Strip into the test strip port straight downwards with the strip view window facing you until it clicks and firmly stops. If not on yet, your meter will automatically turn on once the strip is inserted and the message “Strip Inserted” will be displayed.
  6. The meter will go through an internal check for 3 seconds.
  7. Wait until a Control Solution drop icon control_solution.png and “Apply a drop of control solution” message appears on the display window.
  8. Apply the control solution sample within 120 seconds.
    Note: When a test mode is set for a Control Solution, the result will not be calculated into averages.
  9. Shake the bottle of Rightest® Control Solution GC550 well before opening the cap. Remove the bottle cap and place it on a flat surface.
  10. Place a drop of control solution onto the top of the cap. See drawing below.
  11. Gently touch the sample port of the strip to the control solution on top of the cap. See drawing below. 
  12. The meter will now count down from 5 to 0 and will display the control solution test result.
  13. The control solution result will appear on the display for a few seconds and the meter will then revert to the home screen. You can recall and view your Control Solution test results by pressing the “" button to select the “Averages” menu. Scroll to the “Prior Readings” and select it with the “Home” button. The Control Solution test result will be shown with the next to it.
  14. Compare your quality control test result to the control solution range printed on the iGlucose Blood Glucose Test Strip vial label.
  15. Wipe any residue of the control solution from the top of the cap with a wet tissue and then with a dry one. Tightly replace the cap on the Rightest® Control Solution GC550 bottle.
  16. Remove test strip from meter. 




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